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Yep thats me over on the left side of the picture. The guy in the Red Serge, with my son. More about him and me on the About Me page. Go ahead and click on the link above to find out more.

Thanks for visiting and hopefully, as you read about my journey, you might find something that you can use to help yourself or someone you know. But let me set the tone by saying that despite the fact that I am a police officer, it is more than that. This blog is truly about the fact that I’m a husband and father, who happens to be a police officer, trying to be a husband and father as I deal with my PTSD journey.

Just remember, you are never alone in your own personal journey with PTSD.

Oh, and it goes without saying, these are my personal views and only mine.  If I qoute someone or provide reference to an article or research, I will make sure to give credit where credit is due.