Rules, Rules, Rules…..

Unfortunately, in this day and age, and partly due to the fact that I am sworn to secreacy, I have to be somewhat careful about what I write.  Like, for instance, I won’t be using real names associated to any event I talk about.  Nor will I be giving specific details about any particular incident and hope to even go so far as avoiding the use of the locations where much of this stuff happened.

Why you ask?  Well simple.  Out of respect to those I worked with and those I were there to help, assist and serve.  If along the way, you figure out the location or people invovled, please don’t share it.  Simply contact me so that I can change the wording (I’m serious about my desire to protect those in the stories).  And beside, the small details are not important to the Journey I am writing about.  The important part of the Journey is the big picture trauma and how it has affected me and the things that I do to try and deal with it.

The other thing is not necessarily a Rule, per se.  It is more of a warning.  I am brash, I have a brutal sense of humour (occupational hazard), I am opinionated and I might say things that could be taken the wrong way.  I’ll just say “Sorry” now but in this Journey so far, I have learned that you can’t sugar coat things to make others feel better about the fact that I have PTSD.  Surpressing the feelings and opinions is part of what got me into this mess so I won’t let it continue.

THIS BLOG IS NOT FOR SNOWFLAKES.  There, I said it.  you might get offended and upset by reading what I have to say.  Sorry but this is about my real life Journey in dealing with a tidal wave of shitty situation.

Oh, and I might actually have a “Strange PTSD Thoughts” page but I am still mulling the idea over.  I can say that if I do have that page, it will not be for the faint of heart.


And my golden rule………  If you comment of a post, don’t be an ass.

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I am a husband and father who is dealing with PTSD while trying to be a husband and father

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