The Sound of Silence

Here is the hard fact of PTSD and for simplicity, I will write it out like a math equation:


Sorry but that is the cold hard reality.  As soon as we are silence in our struggle, we turn to death as the option to end our pain.  I’m not going to sit here and discuss my views on suicide other than to say that you are never in this battle alone.  Even if reaching out for help is hard to do, it will be so worth it.

It is for this reason that I have been aggressively vocal about my PTSD.   I am letting everyone know that I have PTSD and that my family and I are dealing with it.  Heck, that is the whole purpose behind this blog.  Just like any other disease you might face, confronting it with the full support and knowledge of you family and friends will alway make the difference.  And, PTSD is no different.

So, let me officially break my silence by saying “Hi my name is Jason and I have PTSD.”

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I am a husband and father who is dealing with PTSD while trying to be a husband and father

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